I am a (wo)Man

Are women professionals behaving more and more like men in corporate space? I feel we are living in an age where everything is influenced by everybody. Whether you call it the Karmic influence or the Kramer influence, it is becoming very evident that a woman professional has to behave like a man professional to succeed. […]

Free and Equal

So what’s trending these days- HILLARY!!!! “Human Rights are Women Rights and Women Rights are Human Rights” No I am not campaigning for her or asking you to do so but to just pen down my thoughts on how some of these Mid career women succeed in their lives and what is it they do […]

The Subtlety of Gender Bias

“Are you going to be the next style icon?” I get asked this question often enough. In the last count more than 75% of the entrepreneurs in the fashion and styling tech enabled space are male. Just how many of them would have had to answer this ? My feel is that it is unlikely […]

Time has come to design organizations for both Genders, not one!

The world is waking up to acknowledge and admit a few things. And luckily with the current scenario of globally wired organizations, workforces and clients -Emerging developing nations like us can’t isolate themselves from these thoughts. So what is the central message from these vital voices echoing equally in developed and emerging nations ? It’s […]